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Man Gets Back £51,000 He Stole

Apparently being a thief pays. 19 years ago bank manager Otto Neuman stole £150,000 in cash, gold bars, and gold coins from his own branch. When he was caught there was only about £51,000 left in cash and the gold recovered. In a bureaucratic twist of events the bank did not claim the money because their [...]

Excuse Me Sir, But Your Trash Can Just Doesn’t Fit In

Yes, this is the most epic Mario-themed bathroom ever created. No, I still don’t recommend trying to crawl through any of the pipes in this house to go looking for extra lives and gold coins. All you will find is a terrible smell and tons of bacteria. Oh, and just joking about the trash can, it [...]

Super Mario Bros. Dollar

Doryan of Eyes of a Brownie decorated this dollar bill in a Super Mario Bros. theme. What, did you think that we were still using gold coins? Shoot, it’s not even backed up by gold coins anymore. Link -via The Mary Sue

Santa Claus in His Own Words

We first told you about Santa Claus’ blog three years ago. Since then, Santa has been steadily updating his site with stories of Christmases past and present. In a three-part series, he kicks off this Christmas season by telling the entire story of how he and his gift-giving enterprise came to be. Blitzen knew about my [...]