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(vimeo link) Cross classic giant monster movies like Godzilla with the internet obsession with laser-eyed cats and throw in a large dollop of video game imagery, and you get Catzilla! Who will save the city from the monster cat? Warning: dubstep soundtrack. -via Geeks Are Sexy  

Run! It’s Wasabizilla!

He might not look as intimidating as the full size Godzilla, but if you put him in your mouth all at once, you might be in just as much pain as one of the monster’s victims. Link Via That’s Nerdolicious

Delightful Behind The Scenes Photos of Godzilla

It’s sometimes fun to watch Godzilla, but no matter how much you enjoy the movie, you still aren’t having nearly as much fun as the people who worked on it and these behind-the-scenes photos from the movie prove it. Link

Thomas Kinkade Meets Godzilla

For some reason, we really only ever see Godzilla rampaging in massive cities, but never in small, rural areas like those in the paintings of Thomas Kinkade. Man would I love to see him fight Mothra in one of these villages. Imagine the lights dancing off their skin. Link Via i09

Geeky Transformations of Victorian Portraits

Alex Gross takes classic Victorian pictures and then repaints them into portraits of pop culture personalities like Aquaman, Bride of Frankenstein and Godzilla. His work will be exhibited at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in LA next month, so if you’re in town, stop by and support a great geek artist. Link Via io9

Weather Monsters

A weather map from yesterday shows Godzilla eating Iowa while Mothra (or is it Rodan?) zooms in from the Pacific Northwest. We are all doomed! Link

Rubber Duckie Helps Japan

Move over, Godzilla! Another giant has emerged in Japan. The giant 31-foot-tall rubber duckie by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman (previously on Neatorama) arrived in Osaka, Japan last month to raise funds to help the [...]

Correcting The Myths In Your History Lessons

Little known fact, it was not actually an iceberg, but Godzilla that caused the Titanic to sink. Link

The Anatomy of Japanese Monsters

See inside Godzilla, Gamera, and a couple of other movie monsters in poster form. If I could only read Japanese to find out where their weak spots are, then I, too, could save the world! Link -via Digg Upodate: These are from the book An Anatomical Guide to Monsters by Shoji Otomo with illustrations by Shogo [...]