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Need a Push?

(YouTube link) Willie the goat sends his mother for a ride in a wagon. Goats are nice like that. -via Arbroath

Goats Playing on a See-saw

(YouTube link) These goats are only a day old! Here they learn about the laws of physics by trying out the incline of a see-saw. Video by Zach Menchini, who blogs about his adventures as a New Yorker transplanted to New Zealand at Bring A Snack. -via Laughing Squid

Hang Two, I Guess…

You’ve seen dog surfing before, but goat surfing takes this animal trend to a whole new level. Do goats swim? Because if not, this seems like a pretty dangerous situation. Link Via Cute Overload

‘Goat Man’ spotted in Utah mountains

Sightings of a man wearing a goat costume in a field of real goats have puzzled authorities in Utah. Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Re…

Unemployment Explained

Goats took all the jobs. Link

Tired Of Traditional Massage Therapy? Then Get Some Goats!

(YouTube Link) This guy has it all figured out-why pay a fortune having some professional masseuse work out the knots in your back and spinal column when you can have a bunch of tiny goats do it for free? They have fun jumping on you, playing king of the hillbilly, and you don’t even have to take [...]

Goats bred to produce spider silk

Scientists have succeeded in breeding goats capable of producing spider silk proteins in their milk. The research is designed to help avoid some of th…

Is This The Most Beautiful Goat Alive?

I love goats, but I don’t know that I would ever consider any of them to be “beautiful.” Even if I was, I certainly don’t think Wasieef here would be my first pick. As it turns out though, she is the winner of the Most Beautiful Goat contest in Jordan. You can read more about [...]

‘Vampire’ stalking Siberian livestock

Farmers in Siberia having reported their goats being killed by a mystery creature and drained of blood. One animal keeper described an experience one …

Why The Mountain Goats Are Awesome

The Mountain Goats are a band, one that has a giant rabid following of nerds and hipsters, but who haven’t exactly penetrated mainstream radio — probably because of the two things that make the Mountain Goats great, songwriter John Darnielle’s style of singing, in staccato, sort of shrill little bursts of words, and the subject [...]