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Who Had the Best Civil War Facial Hair?

Ah, the 19th century, when men wore their manliness right on their faces -or maybe they were just afraid of the barber. Luckily, cameras were around during the US Civil War so that we may still admire the mustaches, beards, muttonchops, goatees, and sideburns of brave battlefield soldiers. Smithsonian presents 24 of these faces, and [...]

Banned in Iran: the Mullet

Lots of things are banned in Iran (though some are unofficially tolerated — including all manner of books, tattoos, skinny jeans, Gmail, YouTube, Barbie dolls, Harry Potter, jorts — they’re even considering a law banning dog ownership, claiming that as “a blind imitation of Western culture,” it “poses a problem.” Pff. Whatev, dogg. The one ban [...]