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Photobombing the Photographer

Hello! Your quarry is behind you! This delightful picture was taken at the Kabardino-Balkaria reserve in Russia. Commenters believe this goat is either a Caucasian Tur or an Alpine ibex. Either way, it’s a big goat! Link -via reddit

Need a Push?

(YouTube link) Willie the goat sends his mother for a ride in a wagon. Goats are nice like that. -via Arbroath

Mmmmm…Tastes Like Lamb Chops

(Video Link) Sure, it looks like they’re cuddly little best friends, but really her hoofed companion is just covered with his mother’s milk and the cat is a sucker for goat’s milk. Via Cute Overload

The Late Movies: Baby Goats

A little goat named Buttermilk Sky took the internet by storm this week, but she’s only one of many adorable kids you can enjoy watching …without having to clean up after! Bouncing Baby Buttermilk Sky Only one of these baby goats has had her morning coffee already. Can you guess which one? I thought you could. These [...]

Hang Two, I Guess…

You’ve seen dog surfing before, but goat surfing takes this animal trend to a whole new level. Do goats swim? Because if not, this seems like a pretty dangerous situation. Link Via Cute Overload

Goat Man Mystery Solved

Earlier this month, photographer Coty Creighton spotted something strange in a Utah mountain: a man dressed in goat suit trailing behind a herd of goats on his hands and knees. The "goat man" became an [...]

‘Goat Man’ spotted in Utah mountains

Sightings of a man wearing a goat costume in a field of real goats have puzzled authorities in Utah. Phil Douglass of the Utah Division of Wildlife Re…

Say Hello to the Office Goat

(Video Link) Pssh… office dogs are so last year. Here at the Neatorama office, we’ve moved on to the office goat long ago. Granted, he once ate an entire stack of paychecks, but he also gave us a great excuse when we were about to get audited that one time, so… Via Pets Lady

Is This How Dogs Salute Higher-Ranking Military K9s?

When I posted the picture of the fancy-dressed goat last week, Reader Choggie asked me if I might like to link to one of his photos. Sure enough, this photo of dogs with red junk on their head bearing their rumps to one begging boy in the middle certainly deserved a Neatorama WTF salute! Thanks Choggie!

A Found on Flickr WTF?

Looking through Flickr for an article the other day, I randomly came across this odd picture of a fancy-dressed goat who happens to be urinating and I couldn’t help but share it with all of you. Enjoy. Link