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New Mobile Version of Dark Roasted Blend

Check out Dark Roasted Blend’s new version for mobile devices! Just point your browser to this url – – and see the new mobile site version for your smart phones. Or, you can just use our normal url – – it should redirect automatically, if it detects your mobile phone browser. Let [...]

Contest: Extreme Neatorama Reading!

Last week, we learned that one Neatoramanaut is browsing the site from Antarctica! That’s dedication, and we like that. So let’s have a contest the demonstrates your willingness to read Neatorama, no matter what the circumstances or conditions — while scuba diving, deep inside a cave, on Mount Everest, during an asteroid strike, or more. There [...]

Your Best Google Easter Egg Ideas

You’ve probably heard about Google’s ability to do a barrel roll. All you have to do is ask. Most people are aware of Google penchant for taking creative license with its own logo, and its habit of pulling off April Fool’s Day pranks. But fewer people were probably aware of the “Easter Eggs” hidden [...]

One Last Request for Your Best (or Nerdiest) Halloween Costumes

Chris Schwarz emailed us his Halloween pictures. How about you? Send them to and we’ll post some of our favorites on Monday (like this).

Gmail Motion

OMG, you guys. Finally, Gmail Motion is here! Now you can use easy, real-world gestures to control Gmail. Want to send a message? Just pantomime licking a stamp and putting it on an envelope. Message sent! Want to Reply-All? Just point both thumbs behind you! You’re sending some mail to a bunch of people!! Let [...]

Free Christmas Postcard

Wanna send someone a postcard these holidays, but don’t want to spend the 44 cents to actually send them something via snail mail? Google’s got you covered. Right now, you can send anyone in the U.S. a free postcard courtesy of Gmail. There are six designs to choose from. Link