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That’s No Pumpkin!

Etsy seller Cricket Willis painted this fake pumpkin with ultraviolet paint that glows under black light. At her shop you can also find a cow vertebra painted with the silhouettes of curvaceous women and hilariously entitled “Baby’s Got Back.” Link -via Technabob

Enjoy A Sip of the Galaxy

This cocktail isn’t Photoshopped. In fact, with a blacklight and the right ingredients, you can actually make your own Aurora Jungle Juice at home. If you’re wondering how it looks so amazing, that’s because tonic water glows blue and the Roses Mojito Passion glows pink under a blacklight. Just make sure you don’t mix them together [...]

E.T. Hand

E.T. Hand – $24.95 Father’s Day is June 17th. Don’t just phone home. Get your geeky Dad a gift he will really love. Get him the E.T. Hand from the NeatoShop. This great prop replica of E.T.’s hand has a light-up finger. The finger glows when pressed. Warning: Dad may still try to talk you into pulling [...]

How to Make Glowing Sushi

What hath science wrought?! If geneticists can create fish that are bioluminescent under black light, then it’s not much of a leap to make sushi that glows. Zach Denfeld and Cat Kramer of the Center for Genomic Gastronomy have a cooking show devoted to that task. Watch the video at the link to learn how [...]

Glow in the dark lake in Australia

Fires, floods and algae converge to showcase nature at its most exotic – a lake that glows in the dark. Fires that started in December 2006 in the mou…

Illuminated Loo

When you get up in the dark of the night, what is it that you really need to see? The toilet! LavNav lights up only the toilet, so you can see where you are “going”. It’s motion-triggered, which saves batteries, and glows red when the seat is up and green when the seat is down. [...]

Emergency Escape Plan

Poster by Lebedev Studios From the people at Art Lebedev Studios, this poster would make a great wall decoration while serving as a reference guide in case of the unthinkable. And oh yeah, it glows in the dark. Link. Previously, Lebedev’s See-Through Tractor Trailer.