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Glowing South American Roaches

These insects look scary enough in daylight, then they glow in the dark! This remarkable species of South American cockroach, Lucihormetica luckae, owes its fluorescence to bacteria. The spots on the dark brown area of its carapace are pits inhabited by microbes that glow under fluorescent light. A recent analysis of these creatures’ bioluminescence demonstrates that they [...]

Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz

  Glow Brightz – $17.95 Bike Brightz- $11.95 Are you looking for a way to turn your old two-wheeler into a cool futuristic ride? You need the Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz from the NeatoShop. Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz easily attach to any bike. Glow Brightz and Bike Brightz are also great for pimping out strollers. Check out the [...]

Glow In The Dark Flying Piggy

Glow I Glow In The Dark Flying Piggy – $2.45 Are you a over-ambitious dreamer? Do you scoff at the impossible? Forget falling asleep under ordinary glow in the dark stars. You need the Glow In The Dark Flying Piggy from the NeatoShop because you are a doer. These winged plastic pigs are stuck to your bedroom [...]

Scientists create glowing dog

Scientists in Korea have created a glowing dog using a cloning technique that could help cure diseases. The dog is said to glow fluorescent green when…

Fun With Glow Sticks

In this video for Bon Yurt yogurt (yes, it’s an ad for yogurt), a group of artists paint a room using glow-in-the-dark material from glow sticks, then host a bizarre dancerless dance party. When the party begins, blenders rip up glow sticks, feeding tubes that snake along the walls. It’s visually interesting and short — [...]

How Do Fireflies Glow?

Coming to Light: A Brief History of Bioluminescence When ancient humans saw mysterious blinking lights over water, they sometimes attributed the light to dragons, gods or demons. Reports in early religious writings from China and India hold the earliest recorded discovery of the true source of the lights. The glow came not from deities or monsters, [...]

Counting Glow-in-the-Dark Sheep

Counting Sheep – Glow in the Dark – $29.95 Can’t sleep? Well, you can try counting sheep … which is a lot easier if you can actually see ‘em in the dark. Well, these “Counting Sheep” figurines from the NeatoShop, designed by Diana Paisis may help: they are made from glow-in-the-dark material! Perfect for temporary night [...]

How to Make Glow in the Dark Flowers

(Video Link) NurdRage offers up an especially nerdy Valentine’s Day present: glow in the dark flowers. It’s a simple process. Just drain the contents of a magic marker into a jar of water. Cut the stems off of some flowers and stick them in the jar. Let the flowers sit in the solution overnight. In the [...]

Photos of Fascinating Fungi

When you’re used to seeing only buttons and portabella mushrooms, the fungi family may start to seem rather boring—though still delicious. This great Oddee article shows that in the wild though, mushrooms and other fungi grow in all shapes and sizes. Just look at the bioluminescent Mycena chlorophos. These mushrooms, native to forests in Japan [...]

Do Pterosaurs Still Exist on Papua New Guinea?

In Papua New Guinea, natives describe huge flying animals with long beaks, bat-like wings, and razor-sharp teeth and claws. Evidence of gigantic nesting sites have been found in the mountains. Remember, this is the area where previously-unknown species of animals are found almost constantly. Could these creatures be living pterosaurs? The Ropen or ‘demon flyer’ is [...]