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Hair + Architecture = Hairchitecture

The project known as Hairchitecture presents the challenge of combining hair and architecture into an extremely geometric cut. Ranging from downright silly (pictured above) to much tamer stepped cuts, this Hairchitecture thing will probably catch on at salons across the globe, then there will be nothing left but to shave our heads! Link  –via Laughing Squid

No Globe

The Dorothy art collective designed this snow globe that features a coal-fired power plant. When shaken, black pollution floats around instead of pristine white snowflakes. The single greatest threat to the climate comes from burning coal but despite this a whole new fleet of dirty coal-fired power stations are on the verge of being built in [...]

How the Snow Globe Went Global

Snow globes capture slices of fantasy and protect them under glass from harsh, outside realities. They’ve become popular kitschy souvenirs, but once they were high-end, luxury items for wealthy homes. Swati Pandey wrote a history of these quaint decorations. It all started in Vienna: Around the turn of the century, Erwin Perzy, a Viennese medical instrument [...]

Awesome History Of The World Stop Motion Video

(YouTube Link) It took Kalle Mattson, Kevin Parry, and friends over six months to create this cute stop motion short, a lot shorter than the time-frame covered in the video! Watch as history is told via illustrated paper, on an ever turning globe that brings it all back around again. –via BuzzFeed

The World in Reflection

Who needs mirrors when the world is reflecting itself all around the globe? This guy ice fishing seems a bit oblivious to the scene behind him, but there’s not much you can do to ignore the awesomeness in this collection of photos from around the world in high reflection. Check out the rest on FotoMage. [...]

The 10 Most Venomous Spiders on Earth

Not all spiders are dangerous, but those that are can be pretty scary! The good news is that the most venomous spiders are not found in one place, but are spread all over the globe. The bad news is that there’s probably at least one of these species on your continent! Pictured is the Fringed [...]

The Old-fashioned "Homepage"

In the days before the internet (actually 1912-1963), Bostonians could get news headlines at a glance by dropping by the storefront office of The Boston Globe. Handwritten signs and blackboards had the top stories, breaking news, and even sports stats in big print as fast as they were available. And of course, if you wanted [...]

The Quick 10: 9 Miss Golden Globes (and one Mr.)

The Golden Globes are coming up this weekend, which means it’s time for a new Miss Golden Globe. Although the award ceremony has been around since 1944, Miss Golden Globe didn’t start handing out trophies until 1966. There were actually two Miss Golden Globes that year – one for film and one for television. The [...]

Christmas Light Displays From Around the World

As winter begins, festivals of light flicker across the globe. From the meticulous and pretty to dazzlingly overloaded, light displays are a testament to shiny visions of high electric bills to come. Oddee takes a look at some doozies, including the above photo taken at Seoul Plaza, Seoul, South Korea (from Carpe Feline’s Flickr stream). Link. [...]

Street View Revenge

For prying into lives around the globe, the Google Street Viewmobile finally gets its just desserts. Thank you, Anonymous Winged Avenger! Via Gizmodo