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Man Proposes to Girlfriend with a "Will You Marry Me" Tattoo

Glen Robinson of Brisbane, Australia, initially didn’t want to make a formal proposal, but when he saw that this distressed his girlfriend, he decided to make a grand, romantic, and rather permanent gesture. He had the words “will you marry me” (no question mark) tattooed on his wrists: That evening, with the new tattoo still raw, [...]

10 Places With Strange Names (and How They Got Them)

What’s in a (bizarre) name? Here are ten strangely named places and the stories, legends and theories about their origins. 1. Santa Claus, Indiana In 1854, a group of pioneers settled in southwest Indiana and established a small town called Santa Fe. But when they applied to get a post office two years later, they were turned [...]

The Late Movies: Covers of the Pixies

The Pixies have had a special place in my heart since I discovered Doolittle in 1996 — three years after the band had broken up and seven years after the album was released. I used to listen to that tape on repeat as I walked to class, from class, even sometimes in class. I was [...]

Magically Revolting: Vintage Food Ads

Flickr has a great pool called Gee, That Looks Terrible! which features thousands scanned ads for food products and from recipe books from the 40s-70s. My favorites are the slightly off-color masterpieces like this one from Glen.h, which look suspiciously like someone’s already digested them. Other favorites include the California Curry Platter, Pizza in a Skillet, [...]

10 Absurd Facts About the Worst Director of All Time

October 10th was the birthday of Ed Wood, Jr. – the quirky filmmaker frequently referred to as the worst director of all time. But that moniker really sells him short. He was also an awful writer, actor and producer. What he lacked in filmmaking acumen he more than made up for in confidence, focus and [...]

Heatin’ Ana Beatin’ Welding Service

Billy Mays may be gone, but the spirit of salesmanship lives on. For instance, just take a look at Glen “Amazin Blaze” David Thornton of Heatin’ ana Beatin’ Welding Service. By the end of this short video clip, I was so ready to fork over my wallet to buy whatever it is he’s sellin’: Link [embedded [...]

The Quick 10: The Not-Very-Scary Former Jobs of 10 Very Scary People

Even the most successful people in the world didn’t graduate fresh out of college or high school to immediately start making the big bucks – and that goes for the most successful scary people as well. Check out what these frightening writers and directors were doing before they were scaring the pants off of us. 1. [...]