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Bicycle Taxidermy

If you’re a bicyclist, these are probably either really cool or really disturbing at first glance. Regan Appleton doesn’t mow down bicyclists and collect their handlebars as trophies. He memorializes treasured bikes by mounting their handlebars on taxidermy plaques along with engraved epitaphs. Link -via Inhabitat

Kooky Classroom Posters From The 70s

Straight from 1974, these classroom posters are nicely illustrated yet not captioned, so take a glance through the gallery and see if you can come up with some captions of your own. It’s like story time all over again. Your inner child will thank me later. Link

Monkeys Grooming Other Animals

We’ve all seen pictures of monkeys grooming each other. At first glance, it appears that it’s a tradeoff -you groom me, I’ll groom you. But monkeys will groom cats, pigs, deer, all kinds of fur! It may be a habit, or maybe the monkeys are looking for delicious parasite snacks. See a collection of different [...]

Human Body Sponge Sculptures

At first glance, these sponge sculptures by Etienne Gros might make you blush, screaming things like “Not Safe For Work!” or “Kids, Look Away!” But they’re sponges, people, not naked bodies, so don’t start posting angry comments just yet. And if you don’t think the naked body is a work of art, how about these [...]

Ron Arand Bike

At first glance, Ron Arand’s designer bike looks like a typical unusable art piece. However, the bike is actually completely rideable and up for auction by the Elton John AIDs Foundation. 18 strips of steel are attached together to form flower-like wheels that roll with tension. Guests at the W Hotel in Leicester Square, London [...]

Puppy Playing Bowser

At first glance, it looks a little mean, but the dog can’t be all that upset if his tail is wagging that much, can he? Link

Penguin huddle secrets revealed

Scientist discover penguins’ secret to staying warm in the biting cold of the Antarctic. One glance at a colony of penguins standing together amidst t…

The Stained Glass Windows of Grossmünster Cathedral

At first glance, these appear to be conventional stained-glass windows with a modern design, but the components of the windows are a bit unusual: The site of the Grossmünster has been a place of Christian worship since the late 3rd century… Now the Grossmünster has been enriched with twelve exquisite windows by Sigmar Polke… He has [...]

bras hanging basket

At first glance, these may look like your average hanging basket.However, a closer look reveals the more inventive ways in which would-be gardeners are displaying their blooms.Jill Thomas decided to grow melon plants in her old bras to send out a serious message about breast cancer.The 42-year-old hairdresser said she wanted to make people smile [...]

Realistic Oil Paintings by Alyssa Monks

An artist has created a stunning set of aquatic portraits which look just like photographs.At first glance, you could be forgiven for believing that these images look like an intimate set of snapshots caught by the photographer at exactly the right time.However, these touching shower scenes were not captured by a camera – but amazingly [...]