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Toilet-Shaped House is Now a Toilet Museum

In 2007, we posted that Sim Jae-Duck of South Korea completed work on his toilet-shaped house. He’s a leader in the toilet manufacturing industry, and so wanted to have a home that reflected his passions. Now he’s turned his domicile into a museum open to the public. At the link, you can view several pictures [...]

It’s True: Bloggers Tend to Be Very Physically Attractive People

Photographer Gabriela Herman took an extensive series of portrait photos of bloggers in their native habitats, such as Ruben Natal-San Miguel (above). Her selections prompted Gizmodo’s Kyle Van Hemert to ask “Why are all these bloggers so hot?” It really shouldn’t be surprising. But, anyway, the photographer’s selection process was quite appropriate for her subject [...]

Man Sneezes out Bullet

Darco Sangermano, 28, was in Naples during that city’s New Year’s Eve festivities. He was shot in the head with a .22 caliber bullet. Later, at the hospital, he sneezed it out: The bullet, a .22 caliber, entered the right side of his head, passed behind his eye through the socket, hit a bone in his [...]

3 Minutes

(Video Link) Do you have three minutes? Watch 3 Minutes. It’s Ross Ching’s adaptation of the classic Richard Connell short story “The Most Dangerous Game.” The film a good demonstration of the proverbial wisdom that lightsabers make everything better. Link via Gizmodo Previously by Ross Ching: Electric 2.0

F-22 Engineer Intentionally Crashes into Another Driver’s Vehicle to Save His Life

Duane Innes, a manager on the F-22 Raptor project, knows his physics. When he saw a truck driving in front of him on the highway veering out of control, he decided to rescue the driver: “Basic physics: If I could get in front of him and let him hit me, the delta difference in speed would [...]

Robot Trained to Repeatedly Punch Humans

Robots usually aren’t supposed to hurt people. But how does a robot know if its actions injure a human? The only way is for the robot to learn how much physical pressure the human body can comfortably endure. So Borut PovÅ¡e, a researcher at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia had a robot punch people [...]

Dan Hanna: 17 Years of Self-Portraits in One Video

Artist/animator/filmmaker Dan Hanna has been photographing himself every day from two angles, for roughly 19 years (he started in 1991). In the video below, he shows the first 17 years’ worth in a rough edit (a fancier version is coming later; as you can imagine, scanning and arranging all those photos is very time-consuming). Actually, [...]

A Magical Forest in Long Exposure Animation

(Video Link) Long exposure animation consists of compiling long exposure photographs into an animated form. “Freezelight Magic Forest” is a demonstration of this technique, shot with about 300 individual photographs. via Gizmodo | Behind the Scenes Video

Japanese Massage Chair Prank (with Rockets!)

The next time you’re in Japan, beware of massage chairs in saunas: [YouTube Clip] … and vans (later half of the clip): [YouTube Clip] Yes, they’re a bit (okay a lot) low brow, but very funny. Oh, Japan … thank you for playing pranks that will surely bring about multi-million dollar lawsuits if done in the United [...]

Poetry Clock

I’m not sure how it works, but this 8-ft by 8-ft clock by artist Miss Moun displays the time by selectively lighting up words in a poem. Three words are always lit, and each word represents either the hour, minute, or second. The piece is entitled “6 Is for Blossom”, and you can view more [...]