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10 Stupid, Crazy, Wonderful Gadget Fails

Remember when this microwave with a computer was launched? They said it would be handy for looking up recipes! The thing is -who needs a recipe to use a microwave? And the computers we already were using were fully capable of looking up recipes. This is just one example from a list at Gizmodo of [...]

Flitz: The Flintstones Bike

If walking is just too easy for you, try the Flintstones bike. Here’s Fliz, a pedal-less "bicycle" dreamt up by designers Tom Hambrock and Yuri Spetter. Watch it in action: Link – via EcoChunk and [...]

Game of Thrones Put George W. Bush’s Head on a Spike

Oops! The creators of the Game of Thrones on HBO were caught using a likeness of George W. Bush as a decapitated head on a spike. Gizmodo wrote: If you keep your eyes peeled when King Joffrey takes Sansa Stark to gaze [...]

This Is Your Brain on Porn

Staring woman image via Shutterstock You’d think watching pornography would be a turn on. But a new study suggests it actually causes part of the brain to turn off, at least in women.  A team of researchers from the Netherlands studied brain activity in 12 heterosexual, pre-menopausal women on birth control while they viewed “female friendly” pornography. [...]

Amputee Plans to Climb Mount Everest with a Prosthetic Ice Axe Arm

Jaco van Gass, a British soldier from South Africa, lost an arm in Afghanistan. That’s not slowing him down a bit. He plans to climb Mount Everest, making use of a prosthetic arm that he helped design himself: He said: “I came up with the idea to attach an ice axe to one of my prosthetics, [...]

Back to the Future, Part 3: The Silent Film

(Video Link) Because the third movie in the trilogy was set in 1885, the premise works really well. YouTube user techsavvyed’s depiction of the train ride scene from the movie fit neatly into the style of Westerns from the silent era. -via Gizmodo Previously: Back to the Future Model Train Set

Death in the Workplace

If you are a supervisor in your workplace and you die at work, there is a 10% chance that it was murder. If you’re not in management, the chances of your case being a murder drops to 7%. Gizmodo crunched the statistics on the 4,547 American workplace deaths in 2010 and found some other interesting [...]

Key Guns

Imagine that you’re a jailer in the Nineteenth Century. You have to open an occupied cell, perhaps to transfer a prisoner or deliver a meal. To open the cell, you need your hands free. But that would leave you unarmed. The solution is a key gun: a gadget that opens the cell while the jailer [...]

Amphibious Ice Cream Van

HMS Flake 99 (shouldn’t that be HMAICV?) is sailing through the UK’s rivers, canals, and along its shores to sell its yummy wares. It’s a promotional venture by Cadbury Icecreamland. Just paddle, swim, or sail up and place your order. Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Taylor Herring

Clever and Sometimes Horrifying Tools from the History of Dentistry

Oobject gathered pictures of dentistry from past and probably pain-filled generations. Despite the visceral horror one might feel by looking at some of them, one must also admire the ingenuity behind some of them, such as this clockwork drill from the Nineteenth Century. Link via Gizmodo | Previously: A Pictorial History of Dentistry