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Amigurumi Tattoo Machine

This cute little fellow made by Ohioja wants to ink you up. It won’t hurt a bit. You want your girlfriend’s name on your arm? Great idea! Now hold still. Link -via Craft

Play With Your iPhone While It’s Still In Your Jeans Pocket

Guys, have you ever been sitting at a table in a restaurant and all you ever wanted to do is check your iPhone but your girlfriend or wife has threatened you upon pain of [...]

Gamers in Love

Redditor MountCleverest writes, “My girlfriend and I wanted to cuddle, but we wanted to play Diablo too. This is what happened.” It’s a brilliant solution to a difficult problem, provided that you can come up with the girlfriend component. Link

Bead Sprite Presidents

As a gift to his girlfriend the history teacher, redditor omnes took Andy Rash’s pixel presidents pattern and made each Commander-in-Chief out of bead sprites! Click the Imgur image to super-enlarge it if you want to get a close look. Link

Image Meme Proposal

(vimeo link) Tim proposed to his girlfriend Audrey through a glass door using image memes. This video is a lot sweeter and happier than that short description makes it sound. You can see all the individual images at Audrey’s blog. Link -via YouBentMyWookie

The Late Movies: Awesome & Elaborate Marriage Proposals

About a week ago, a guy named Jamin proposed to his girlfriend Valerie at Downtown Disney with a Marvels Dance Company flash mob. The video, showing both the flash mob and Valerie’s reactions, quickly shot around the Internet, racking up more than 610,000 views in just one week. After we watched the video, we started [...]

Company Offers to Invent Fake Girlfriend Who Will Tweet You

It’s a common problem: you’d like to have a girlfriend. So you go out and meet women. And that’s when it all pretty much goes downhill. Now there’s a solution, brought to you by software engineer Ricky Robinett. His service sends you tweets from an apparently female person who not only tolerates your company, but actually [...]

Protective Suit Improvised to Remove Nest of Yellowjackets

The girlfriend of redditor TroyPDX got stung by a yellowjacket, so “it was on like Donkey Kong.” He prepared for his attack on their nest by getting drunk and improvising a beekeeping suit out of duct tape, rubber boots, a flashlight, and computer parts. Troy then armed himself with a vacuum cleaner and marched off [...]

The Tragic End of Nyan Cat

After the YouTube incident, it should have been obvious that someone had put a hit out on Nyan Cat. And really, I mean, his body was a pop tart. You can’t be that delicious and expect to live very long. The girlfriend of redditor Vosson finally did the deed. Link -via Diary of a Death [...]

Guy Fowlkes Arrested in "Gunpowder Plot"

The headline makes it sound as if history is repeating itself, but this happened in Ocoee, Florida. Guy Swindell Fowlkes, 33, of Orlando, was working at the tent at Colonial Drive and Maguire Road but had made arrangements to work at another tent location, according to an arrest affidavit filed in the case. When his girlfriend [...]