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Gingerbread Zombie Bottle Opener

Gingerbread Zombie Bottle Opener – $12.95 It’s a little known fact that many zombies have a big sweet tooth. So what happens when those zombies decide to chow down on gingerbread men? You get gingerbread men zombies of course! Meet the Gingerbread Zombie Bottler Opener from the NeatoShop. This deliciously sweet little guy loves to help out [...]

Gingerbread Men in Yoga Poses

These gingerbread men are far more flexible than I am, and they’ve been baked! Patti Paige, who once made a completely edible typewriter out of gingerbread, makes gingerbread men in popular yoga poses. At the link, you can watch her tutorial video on how to make your own. Link -via Bit Rebels | Patti Paige’s Website