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26 Beatnik Slang Words and Phrases We Should All Start Using

Plenty of phrases from the first self-described hipster generation have lasted into modern conversation: people still get bent out of shape, annoying people bug us and muscular guys are still built, just to scan the b-words. Here are 26 words and phrases that don’t get much use any more but are worth sneaking into conversation. 1. [...]

Arizona Penguins to be Left Homeless

The historic Eastman Gin in Phoenix, Arizona, is going to be dismantled. The town council has allocated $70,000 for the demolition of the 84-year-old gin. Town officials say the cotton gin, which operated until 2005, is structurally unsound and filled with roosting penguins. They’re concerned that the town will be liable if someone is hurt inside. It’s [...]


If bands were sandwiches, they would have some interesting ingredients. AC/DC: Beer-battered kangaroo sausage, sliced hard-boiled egg, low-calorie port cheese, Dutch crunch. The Pogues: Gin-fed lamb, whiskey-marinated turkey, beer-braised pork shoulder, mustard, soda bread. Van Halen: Grilled 17-cheese sandwich on white bread; side of nacho cheese soup. Ted Nugent: Cubed Grizzly bear, white buffalo brisket, unicorn haunch, Jim Beam [...]

G&T Jelly

G&T Jelly is British for Gin & Tonic Jell-o. What’s special about this recipe is that it glows under a black light (UV light to you young folks)! The active ingredient is the quinine in the tonic water -or the gin, depending on your goals for the recipe. Find it at Instructables, with US conversions [...]

Obscura Day 2011

Atlas Obscura is hosting the second annual International Obscura Day on April 9, 2011, in partnership with Hendrick’s Gin. This is a day set aside for “expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures” in places near or not-so-near. Events will take place in 61 cities (so far). Here are some of the most popular: In London Go [...]

Neatorama Shop Update – Feb 2010

Just a quick update from the Neatorama Shop – items back in stock: Food Face | More Dishware, Etc. Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf | More Accessories Rosie the Bookend Murder Ink Gin & Titonic Ice Tray | More Cool Ice Trays Borrow My Pen | More Office Supplies Your purchase helps support the blog! Thank you!

Offbeat Energy Drink

Neatorama Shop’s selection of Offbeat Drinks Neatorama Christmas Special: Our last shipment for Christmas is here. If you’ve procrastinated and haven’t bought your gifts, you’re in luck! We’ve just added some of the shop’s most popular items to the Neatorama Christmas Special, and re-stocked some that ran out. Every purchase will get you a free Mystery [...]

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray

Gin & Titonic Ice Tray – $6.45 How do you make sure that your next party is unsinkable? The answer may just be in your drinks. Just added to the Neatorama Shop’s Christmas Special, where every purchase gets you a free Mystery Bonus. At just $6.45 (the cheapest price on the Net, I might add) it’ll make [...]