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The 51-star US Flag

On Tuesday, the majority of the voting citizens of Puerto Rico who indicated they wanted a change in status said they would like the island to become the 51st state of the United States. That’s a long way from statehood, but it is a step. The immediate question arose as to what a flag with [...]

Artist Uses Bananas as Canvas

Photo by Jun Gil Park I’ve posted about communicating via banana peel before, but Jun Gil Park takes it to a whole new level. Taking advantage of the banana peel’s natural tendency to brown when pressure is applied, the Australian artist scratches out elaborate scenes. Unfortunately, they don’t last very long. Link via Flavorwire

Microsoft Developing a Shape-Shifting Touchscreen

This week, Microsoft filed a patent for a new type of touchscreen that can display variable textures: Whereas previous screens produced only an illusion of texture, Microsoft proposes producing a real texture, using pixel-sized shape-memory plastic cells that can be ordered to protrude from the surface on command.[...] Microsoft’s named inventor, Erez Kikin-Gil at the firm’s Redmond [...]

TV Shows Atomic Blast, Live

Fifty-nine years ago today was the first time a television audience got to watch an atomic blast broadcast live as it happened. KTLA in Los Angeles hid a crew on the roof of a hotel in Las Vegas, waiting for the top secret Ranger Easy bomb test in Frenchman Flats, Nevada. The blast went off [...]

New Anti-Whaling Vessel Looks Like Something From Batman

Photo: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, best known for its aggressive tactics against whaling vessels, had added a stealthy, high-speed boat to its fleet. At The National Post, Jeremy Barker writes: The Ady Gil, a bio-diesel powered trimaran, can hit 40 knots and Captain Paul Watson plans to sail it quickly into harms [...]