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Could pandas help us to tackle superbugs ?

Scientists have discovered that Giant Pandas could be a rich new source of antibiotic medications. Efforts have been underway for years to save pandas…

Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes

Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes – $6.95 Are you looking for a quick way to give your Christmas tree a some life? You need the Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes from the NeatoShop. The eyes come with a hole on top for a ornament hook. They also have an adhesive backing. With the Giant Christmas Tree Googly [...]

The Weirdest Dog You’ve Ever Seen

Photo: National Geographic Channel No, actually that’s not a dog. Herpetologist Brady Barr (previously on Neatorama) of Nat Geo WILD’s Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr is hugging a Japanese [...]

eBay to ban sales of spells and hexes

The online auction giant has announced that it will no longer permit the sale of magical items. From September onwards eBay will be cracking down on “…

Snail Takes a Shower

(Video Link) This giant African land snail is taking a relaxing shower after a long commute home from work. You think it’s big? Some members of this species grow up to ten inches long. -via Blame It on the Voices

Invade All of the Humans!

(YouTube link) The world has been conquered by an army of giant robots! Well, two giant robots. Um, actually they’re kinda small. But they’ve taken over the world! Or, maybe just the park. Actually, the area near the park bench. But they’ve taken over! This video by Tom and Mark features “two malfunctioning robotic educational toys” [...]

Giant Tortoises End Marriage After 115 Years

They’ve been together since … well, since before any of us are alive, actually – but 115 years apparently is long enough. The century-old marriage between giant tortoises Bibi and Poldi in the Happ Reptile Zoo in Klagenfurt, [...]

The Beast Giant Fist Kool Koozie

The Beast Giant Fist Kool Koozie – $14.95 You are an amazing individual. Don’t let a canned beverage dominate you. Dominate your drink with The Beast Giant Fist Koozie from the NeatoShop. This excellent giant fist shaped can cooler is easy to clean and reusable. Make him your trusty summer companion today. Father’s Day is June 17th! [...]

Giant cat-sized rats invade Florida Keys

Authorities have been alerted of a new invasion of giant Gambian puched rats in the Florida Keys. Originating in Africa and brought to the United Stat…

Velociraptor’s last meal revealed

Scientists have found the remains of a giant flying pterosaur in the guts of a velociraptor. The new discovery suggests that velociraptors would have …