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Can insects reach the size of humans ?

Giant insects have been featured in science fiction films for years, but how big can they actually get ? Researchers aren’t exactly sure what limits t…

What Killed Giant Insects That Ruled The Skies of Ancient Earth?

A fossilized insect wing from the species Stephanotypus schneideri and it is about 300 million years old. The wing is about 7.5 inches (19 centimeters long), substantially smaller than the largest fossil insect [...]

Scientists Make Progress in Growing Giant Insects

John VandenBrooks of Arizona State University in Tempe examined how changing levels of oxygen in the atmosphere may effect the size that insects grow: The team raised cockroaches, dragonflies, grasshoppers, meal worms, beetles and other insects in atmospheres containing different amounts of oxygen to see if there were any effects. One result was that dragonflies grew faster [...]

Fantasy Bookplates

Will at A Journey Around My Skull asked readers to create bookplates in the style of the early-20th century magazine Der Orchideengarten (previously at Netaorama) for a contest. They were to include orchids and other flowers, corpses, giant insects, monsters, or diseases. The entries are quite interesting! Memphis artist Michelle Duckworth was the overall winner. [...]