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7 Odd and Extreme Mineral Formations

The world is made up of wondrous chemicals that sometimes do pretty out-of-the-ordinary things. Here are seven places where minerals, carried by water, by heat, or by the actions of Mother Earth herself, left us with strange and wonderful sights. 1. Pamukkale Terraces, Turkey Looks ice cold, doesn’t it? Actually, the water is quite warm at the [...]

Look! Flying Whale!

That’s a whale of a kite! Peter Lynn Kites has created a huge 100-foot long kite shaped like the blue whale: Link – via Archie McPhee’s Endless Geyser of Awesome

Invisible Bicycles

Photo: Zhao Huasen For his series Floating, Chinese photographer Zhao Huasen captured the images of people who seem to hover on the road while riding invisible bicycles. That, or it’s photoshop, I can’t tell! [...]

Steve Spangler’s Soda Geyser Car

Steve Spangler has produced several toys based on the Coke/Mentos reaction, such as the Mentos Geyser Tube and the Soda Geyser Depth Charge Kit. The newest, the Soda Geyser Car, was introduced at Toy Fair 2011, which is still going on in New York City. Cool Things has two videos of the car in action, [...]

Fly Geyser

This geothermal geyser is somewhere near Gerlach, Nevada. The colors are due to different mineral deposits as well as algae growing on it. Read about how this strange formation came about at Kuriositas. Link