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The Creepiest Home Decor In The World

This  Half-Life Barnacle by German artist Daniel Ritthanondh is incredibly detailed and realistic, but it’s too damn creepy to actually use in any respectable home. Would any of you actually put this up? Link Via Kotaku

Stag Pistol Stiletto Heels

German artist Iris Schieferstein made these shoes, dubbed “Vegas Girl” out of stag hooves and revolvers. She’s worked extensively in taxidermy. Link | Artist’s Website | Photo by the artist (I think)


German artist Susanne Karg makes awesome little felted caves for cats to snuggle up in. Some are for sale through Etsy. See more pictures at A Polar Bear’s Tale. Link -via TYWKIWDBI

Hotel made of rubbish opens in Madrid

The Beach Garbage Hotel has opened in Madrid and is made entirely from rubbish. Built by German artist Ha Schult the five bedroom hotel was created as…