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Eye for an Eye: The Punishments of 8 Political Assassins

Note: As server migration week rolls on, we’ve been reposting a few oldies/goodies from the archives. Here’s another from 2009. Good (new!) material is being stockpiled for next week. Ever wonder what happened to the criminals who assassinated various heads of state? The image of Lee Harvey Oswald being gunned down by Jack Ruby is all [...]

Scientific Evidence that the Entire Universe Is a Holographic Projection around the Earth

Go get your protective tin foil hat, because you’re going to need it. German scientists have been trying to understand why their equipment that measures gravitational waves has been picking up a particular sound. One possible answer that they’ve come up with is that the entire universe is a holographic illusion: For many months, the GEO600 [...]

Resonant Chamber by Animusic: Animated Self-Playing Musical Instruments

This one is fantastic: take a look at this very cool computer graphic animation of self-playing musical instruments, titled Resonant Chamber by Animusic. Link [embedded YouTube clip] – by the way, The Presurfer is 9 years old today. Happy Blogiversary, Gerard! If you like that, here’s another one called Pipe Dreams over at Miss Cellania: Link