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Resistance is Futile

George Takei posted this at his Facebook page, with the line, “I’m sure parents everywhere are on borg with this.” Link -via Geeks Are Sexy

There IS an “I” in “Team”

Did someone tell you that there’s no "I" in "team"? Well, not only there’s a "me" in team, there is also an "I" cleverly hiding … Via Accordion Guy and George [...]

10 Celebs doing the Vulcan salute

President Obama made news this week flashing the Vulvan salute with Nichelle Nichols. Here are a bunch of other famous folk doing the same. Pharrell Philip J. Fry Heidi Klum, Hayden Panettiere, Simon Pegg and Karl Urban, Tori Spelling, and Christian Slater, well, not quite Christian. Carl Kassell George Takei better know how to do one!

The Late Movies: George Takei!

George Takei, best known as Sulu on Star Trek, is an incredibly versatile actor who has won several awards throughout a career spanning six decades. Tonight for The Late Movies, we take a look at some fantastic clips from Mr. Takei. Leading us off, George Takei mediates a fight between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher [...]

George Takei Calls upon Star Wars and Star Trek Fans to Unite in a Grand Alliance against Twilight

(Video Link) Which would prevail in a battle between a Constitution-class heavy cruiser and a Star Destroyer? There is a time and a place for such conflicts, and Star Trek and Star Wars fans have shed much blood in them. But George Takei reminds us that there is a threat against both franchises — nay, civilization [...]

George Takei on Social Security: So Easy Kirk Can Do It!

Cushy retirement on the pleasure planet Risa is sadly still fiction, but aging Trekkers may still take pleasure in seeing George Takei’s YouTube clips for Social Security. Fanboy has the clips: Link (and that old lady beside him? Ohh, Myyy! You’ll be surprised when you find out who she is!)

Ohhh Myyy!

Actor George Takei spent World War II in a U.S. internment camp as a child. He is set to star in the production Allegiance – A New American Musical about a family who went through the same experience, with a workshop scheduled at The Old Globe Theater in July. To raise money for the theater, [...]

George Takei Should Be Spiderman!

(YouTube link) George Takei will turn 74 years old in a couple of weeks. However, that doesn’t matter when you have the magic of special effects! And adequate medical insurance, of course…. This video is labeled “episode one, ” so we can assume this campaign will continue with further videos. -via The Daily What