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The Möbius Bagel

THIS is how a mathematician slices his bagel! Jill told us about George Hart’s Möbius Strip bagel three years ago, but surely some of you haven’t seen it yet. As you can see above, George Hart (yes, father of YouTube math star [...]

Bagel + Fancy Knife Skills = BAGEL-CHAIN

George Hart shows us how to cut a bagel such that it ends up as two linked bagel-rings. His knife follows the surface of a two-twist Möbius strip, making use of the initial bagel’s ring shape to tease the second ring out of it. Hart then proceeds to show us how to toast [...]

Math Food for Pi Approximation Day

July 22 is Pi Approximation Day because pi’s fractional approximation is 22/7. To celebrate, here are some math foods Miss C rounded up last year. Food is often used to illustrate shapes, and recipes are used to introduce children to measurement and proportions. But if you really care about your mathematics -and your food- there are [...]

Knitted Napier’s Bones

Because they are awesome, Pat Ashforth, Steve Plummer and Ben Ashforth illustrate math through their crafting projects. Pictured above is their knitted version of Napier’s Bones, a calculation device invented by Scottish mathematician John Napier (1550-1617). George Hart explains how they work: The image below shows how to arrange the bones if you wanted to [...]

Geometric Sculpture Made From Coffee Stirrers

Photo: Nick Sayers [Flickr] Behold the Hyperbolic Coffee Cactus, created by Nick Sayers out of “630 coffee stirrers, drilled with 2,520 holes, pinned together with 1,260 half cocktail sticks. All by hand.“ George Hart of Make Magazine explains: Nick Sayers enjoys making geometric constructions from unusual materials. Here’s an organic-looking sculpture he made from 630 coffee stirrers, with [...]