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The Clutter Culture

Does your garage look like the photo above? You’re not alone. According to research by anthropologists published in a new book Life at Home in the Twenty-first Century, 75% of garages in the United [...]

8 Celebrities Arrested for Obscenity (and What It Was They Said or Did)

Freedom of speech? Not if it’s deemed “obscene.” These celebrities found that out the hard way. Though they weren’t all convicted, they did end up fighting costly battles in court and had their names dragged through the mud, though in some cases – looking at you, Hugh Hefner – it only helped their causes. Read [...]

Carlin Step

(YouTube link) Thanks to auto-tune and video editing, the late George Carlin can add singing and dancing to his repertoire of stand up comedy. Remix by by DJ Steve Porter & DJ Eli Wilkie (Agent 001). -via I Am Bored

The Quick 10: 10 Reasons Why the Number 13 is Unlucky

It’s Friday the 13th again! Anyone see any black cats? Walk under any ladders? I don’t really subscribe to the theory that Friday the 13th is unluckier than any other day, but superstitious people may have good reason to stay in bed on days like today. Here are 10 reasons the number 13 is unlucky. 1. [...]