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Impossible crystals are ‘from space’

Quasicrystals were thought impossible to occur naturally until geologists came across some in Russia. Israeli researcher Daniel Schechtman first descr…

Inflating volcano intrigues scientists

A 20,000-foot-high volcano in Bolivia appears to be inflating like a balloon at breakneck speed. Geologists first discovered that Uturuncu was inflati…

3.4 billion-year-old fossils discovered

Geologists have unearthed fossilized single cell organisms that lived over 3 billion years ago. The fossils are believed to be the oldest ever found a…

Giant Ethiopian Crack Will Spawn New Ocean

There’s a new giant crack in the desert of Ethiopia, and some scientists think that it will eventually create a new ocean: A 35-mile rift in the desert of Ethiopia will likely become a new ocean eventually, researchers now confirm. The crack, 20 feet wide in spots, opened in 2005 and some geologists believed then that it [...]

Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction

Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction – $11.95, modeled by Zac. Ever been seduced by a geologist? No? Well, you can’t blame them – though they’re not well versed in seduction, they are experts in the art of subduction. Y’know, tectonic plate movements and such. And in case you’re going to get it on with [...]

Dinosaur eggs are found in India

Geologists in India have discovered literally hundreds of dinosaur egg clusters dating back 65 million years. Scientists believe the football size…