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The Speculative Evolution of Dougal Dixon

Early in his career as a geologist, Dougal Dixon developed an interest in fossils and paleontology. But he took that curiosity in a unique direction. Dixon has published several books on speculative evolution — imagining animals that may have evolved if conditions were different. Pictured above is an illustration from one of his books depicting [...]

Global Warming = Giant Lobsters! Yum!

Photo: Justin Ries Yay for global warming! New study by marine geologist Justin Ries shows that if carbon dioxide emissions increase to extreme levels, we’ll get giant lobsters: A new study published in the journal Geology shows that if carbon dioxide emissions reach extreme levels, the changes in the world’s oceans might result in lobsters 50 percent [...]

Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction

Geologists: Experts in the Art of Subduction – $11.95, modeled by Zac. Ever been seduced by a geologist? No? Well, you can’t blame them – though they’re not well versed in seduction, they are experts in the art of subduction. Y’know, tectonic plate movements and such. And in case you’re going to get it on with [...]

Fiery meteorite hits Latvia

An unknown object now believed to be a meteorite has impacted in a small town in Latvia, mystery endures however as at least one geologist is clai…