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The Best Camera-trap Pictures of 2012

National Geographic posted a gallery of six animal self-portraits from all over the world. Pictured here is a common genet captured by camera trap in Yemen. They are all beautiful, but I don’t understand why this one didn’t make the cut. Link (Image credit: Sebastian Kennerknecht, Wildlife Magazine)

The Escape Velocity of Emperor Penguins

  The November issue of Nationakl Geographic magazine has a special section on Antarctica’s emperor penguins called Escape Velocity. You can see some large-format photographs from the feature by award-winning wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen, showing penguins in their finest form swimming, hunting for food, and escaping predators in their natural environment at the Neatolrama Spotlight blog. [...]

The Weirdest Dog You’ve Ever Seen

Photo: National Geographic Channel No, actually that’s not a dog. Herpetologist Brady Barr (previously on Neatorama) of Nat Geo WILD’s Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr is hugging a Japanese [...]

Cheetah Runs 100m in 5.95 Seconds

Usain Bolt set an Olympic record for the 100m dash at the Olympics last night, coming in at 9.63 seconds. That’s mighty fast -for a human. But a cheetah named Sarah covered that distance in only 5.95 seconds! Sarah’s June 20 sprint is the fastest timed 100 meters ever run by anything on the planet, [...]

The Ancient Olympics: a “total pagan entertainment package”

National Geographic talked with Tony Perrotet, author of The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games about how the ancient Olympics compares with the modern version. The Olympic Games were held every four years from 776 B.C. to A.D. 394, making them the longest-running recurring event in antiquity. What was the secret of the [...]

New survey suggests 36% believe in UFOs

According to the results of a new National Geographic survey, over 36% of Americans believe in UFOs. Crucially however the poll failed to define ‘UFO’…

How To Eat Chocolate

National Geographic’s “Digital Nomad” Andrew Evans investigated Swiss chocolate by visiting a factory in Broc, Switzerland, in which tourists can take part in an all-you-can-eat sampling. There are guides to help participants rein in their tendency to overdo it, because the enjoyment comes from the quality, not the quantity. Swiss chocolate expert Michel Baud tells [...]

Response being sent to Wow! signal

A team from the National Geographic are working to respond to the famous 1977 transmission. The Wow! signal has long been a topic of debate amongst as…

TV series to revisit famous UFO cases

A new National Geographic television series, ‘Chasing UFOs’, will explore the world’s UFO hotspots. For the series a team of scientists and investigat…

Rare Photos from the Dawn of Spaceflight

National Geographic has a gallery of really neat rare photos from the Project Gemini Online Digital Archive. This one above is of astronaut Buzz Aldrin (the first man who peed on the moon, btw), [...]