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The Late Movies: Erupting Volcanoes

On this date 6 years ago, Alaska’s Fourpeaked Mountain erupted (at left), its first eruption in at least 10,000 years. Fourpeaked had been dormant for so long that many geologists believed it to be extinct. To mark the anniversary of Fourpeaked Mountain’s re-entry into the active volcano category, tonight we present a variety of videos [...]

Extreme Vacation: Descending Into an Active Volcano

Photo: Bradley Ambrose Tired of your boring ol’ vacation? Try extreme vacations, which will definitely make you feel alive, if they don’t kill you first. National Geographic has a gallery of 20 of the most extreme, hair-raising adventures on the planet. For example: Descend Into an Active VolcanoVanuatu, South Pacific As a general rule, lava is best seen [...]