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Who Was Hitler Before Hitler?

In the sixty-six years since his death, Adolf Hitler has rightfully been used as a universal symbol for pure evil. So much so that his name is far too often used by people to paint a terrible picture of someone they don’t like (politicians, bosses, etc.) When another high-profile example of this occurring this week, Slate [...]

The Most Prolific Fathers in History

Did you know that King Mongkut of Siam, the real-life inspiration for The King & I, sired an amazing 81 children? As if that weren’t impressive enough on its own, consider the fact that he was a celibate monk from the time he turned 20 until he turned 27. He had a whole lot of [...]

World’s Most Expensive Dog

An 11-month-old Tibetan mastiff named Hong Dong (Big Splash) broke the record for dog prices, going to a new home in China for 10 million RMB, which is £945,000 or about $1.5 million US. Tibetan Mastiffs are huge and fierce guard dogs that have stood watch over nomad camps and monasteries on the Tibetan plateau for [...]

Genghis Khan vs. Global Warming

There are hybrids, cap-and-trade, and wind energy … and then there’s Genghis Khan. Guess which one has the biggest environmental impact? Genghis Khan’s Mongol invasion in the 13th and 14th centuries was so vast that it may have been the first instance in history of a single culture causing man-made climate change, according to new research [...]

The search for Genghis Khan

Legend has it that when Genghis Khan died in 1227 his lieutenants went to great lengths to keep his death a secret including the murder of anyone …