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Google Type

Google has a font generator that looks up each of your letters in its image search and produces them from the results for your words. Not only that, but your results will change every time you do it! Link -via the Presurfer

Urine-Powered Generator

At the Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, four teenage girls came up with a rather remarkable invention: urine-powered generator (well, supposedly – but don’t let skept-pee-cism* ruin our fun here). Possibly one of the more unexpected products at Maker Faire Africa [...]

Rocking Chair Charges Your iPad While You Rock

Are you ready to rock? Good. Micasa Lab’s iRock is a rocking chair with a built-in generator, speakers and a dock for an iPad or iPhone: The iRock is a product that explores how furniture can interact with technology and actually support the power for this technology. Movement is energy and to collect as much of [...]

YouTube Insult Generator

Shakespeare Schmakespeare. The YouTube Insult Generator, the brainchild of Adrian Holovaty, farts in the the general direction of the Shakespeare Insult Kit (sorry, John!) Wired explains: The simple tool, created by EveryBlock founder Adrian Holovaty, [...]

Japanese Water Car

While we are busy trying to create and market the perfect electric car, the Japanese have gone the extra mile and plan to mass produce a car which runs primarily on water. What do you think, will this car be a viable alternative to gas and electric vehicles? Unlike other electric cars, the Genepax car does [...]

Cartoonize My Pet

Zazzle has a generator in which you can create custom pet cartoons that look like yours, or like a pet you’d rather have. The cats you see here are mine: Biscuit, Savannah, Marshmallow, and Gogo, although they aren’t to scale. You can also customize a dog, fish, reptiles, birds, and some others. Link

The Movie Quote Generator Quiz

They call me Mister Neatorama! Which movie was this quote from? Get your own quotes: This toy from the Surrealist is a movie quiz in that you are challenged to recall what movie the quote is from. But the quote is not quite the same, because it’s also a generator that will insert words of your choice into [...]