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Test-Tube-to-Table: 11 Up-and-Coming Genetically Engineered Animals

© Najlah Feanny/CORBIS SABA It’s been almost 16 years since Dolly the cloned sheep was born. As she fades from our cultural memory, here’s a look at 11 up-and-coming (and often controversial) genetically engineered animals that might start appearing in backyards and on dinner tables near you. 1. Remote Control Rats Photo: CC bclinesmith By attaching wires to rats’ [...]

Sex Circuit of a Male Fruit Fly

Image: Vanessa Ruta Hello, Drosophila ladies! The good news is that scientists at Washington University in St. Louis have discovered the secret of what makes male fruit flies go crazy for you. The bad [...]

Gene therapy extends mouse lifespan by 24%

Scientists have been able to use a single treatment of gene therapy to extend the life of a mouse. The research is a first in longevity research as it…

The Gene That Makes You Smarter

Brain image via Shutterstock Scientists have long known that our genetic makeup influences our intelligence. But now, thanks to the largest brain study of its kind, they’ve pinpointed one gene in particular that may be responsible for our IQ levels. Meet HMGA2. You can call it the “Intelligence Gene” — that’s what Paul Thompson, professor of [...]

All Thoroughbred Racehorses Share A Single Ancestor

From Secretariat to Seabiscuit, it turns out that all thoroughbred race horses were all related. They shared a single ancestor in the mid 17th century, whose "speed gene" was a genetic aberration: Emmeline Hill of [...]

Tonight: Trek Nation on Science Channel

Set your DRVs for “Trek Nation” tonight (November 30, 2011) at 8pm ET/PT on the Science Channel. If you’re going to watch one documentary about Star Trek, it should be Trekkies. But if you’re going to watch two, the second should be Trek Nation, premiering tonight on the Science Channel. Trek Nation puts Star [...]

Glow-in-the-Dark Kitties

Scientists are looking into a new technique for the fight against AIDS…and yes, it involves glow-in-the-dark cats! Two genes are inserted into feline eggs before fertilization, one being the jellyfish gene that causes cats to glow (“tracking purposes.”) The other is a rhesus macaque gene that blocks cell infection by feline immunodeficiency virus, which provides [...]

Scientists find ‘werewolf’ gene

The gene that causes some people to be covered in thick hair has been identified by scientists. There are less than 100 cases of “werewolf syndrome” w…

Coffee drinking is in the genes

Two genes have been identified that are thought to determine how much of a craving you have for coffee. The gene can come in a high or low consumption…

Hudson River Fish Evolve Incredibly Quickly

Fish in the Hudson River (US) have developed an immunity to polychlorinated biphenyls, a type of toxic chemicals developed in 1929. They’ve done so at an amazing speed: “This is very, very ra­­­­­­­­­­­­pid evolutionary change,” said Isaac Wirgin, an environmental toxicologist at New York University’s School of Medicine, and the study’s lead investigator. “Normally you think [...]