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Ben Folds Five And Fraggles = Awesome Music Video

(YouTube Link) It’s quite possible that the Ben Folds Five are using the Fraggles in order to bring in those all important Gen X bucks, and that’s okay. We don’t have enough Fraggles in our lives, and Ben Folds Five really knows how to lay down a super def jammy jam, so bring on the fuzzy puppets [...]

Emerging Adults

At what age do you become an "adult"? 18? 21? A new survey by Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, revealed that there may be gradations of adulthood. Witness the advent of "emerging adults" (age 18 to 29): Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, a research professor in [...]

Generation Vexed

We’ve got the baby boomers, Gen X, then Gen Y and The Millenials … what do you call young peole of today? Tiffany Hsu and Shan Li of The Los Angeles Times coined the term "Generation [...]