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DNA Proposal

What do wanna bet these two met at work? A biologist wanted to propose to his girlfriend, who is also a biologist. He asked her to image his electrophoresis gel, (wink wink) if you know what I mean. But it was a special mixture of DNA fragments he cooked up just for the occasion. They’re 5 [...]

Rainbow Waffles

How do you make these beauties? First, divide your pancake batter into six portions. Add gel coloring to each to produce different colors. Then use piping bags to arrange the colors in the waffle iron. Link -via Foodiggity

Gel-Based Memory Could Be Used to Interface With Cells

In the future computers could have Jello based memory drives. Researchers have developed a new memory device with a “gelatinous consistency.” Just don’t let Bill Cosby near your Jello flash drive or he will “erase” all your data. Researchers from North Carolina State University have come up with a new sort of memory device that has [...]

Swimming Magnetic Gels

(Video Link) Miklós Zrínyi of Semmelweiss University in Budapest invented a flexible magnetic substance. By controlling the magnetic forces around objects made from this gel, one can move it around as needed. There are numerous potential applications: Soft magnetic materials like this one could be used for artificial muscles in robots, or to replace rigid machine components, [...]