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Great Game of Thrones Rings

Looking for something romantic and geeky to share with the love of your life? Then maybe you should check out these great couples rings inspired by Daenerys’ & Drogo’s nicknames for each other in Game of Thrones. Link Via Chasing At Starlight

Iron Man in Stained Glass

For geeky glass, go straight to Etsy seller R. Evan Daniels. He’s got pieces for Warhammer 40k, Valve, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man and more. This depiction of Iron Man used 334 separate pieces of glass, 275 feet of copper foil and 100 hours of work. Link -via Nerd Approved

11 Wonderfully Out There Sci Fi Tattoos

If you get a geeky science fiction tattoo, people will know what you’re into. If you get a really obscure reference tattooed into your skin, you’ll know that anyone who recognizes it is a serious fan and possibly a kindred spirit. Are you reading this in hopes of finding out what character this tattoo represents? [...]

A Great Idea For A Geek Girl’s Night In

If you’re into geeky shoes, then you know there are plenty of great designs around the web. That’s precisely what inspired Amy Ratcliffe to throw a shoe decorating party with all of her gal pals. From Star Wars to superheroes to Game of Thrones, these clever and crafty gals have designed tons of great shoes [...]

Well, They Are Already In Bikinis

If you love random, geeky Flickr finds, then you’ll appreciate the fact that I happened to stumble upon this great photo while looking for geeky couples for a Mental Floss feature I was working on recently. Wookies and Leias chilling poolside? I couldn’t help but share it with you guys. Link

11 Geeky Couples Portraits We Love

We’ve featured geeky wedding photos and geeky family photos before. Here’s more geek love! 1. Come to the Dark Side (We Have Kisses) Red and Jonny are the most famous stormtrooper cosplayers around and this great vacation picture featuring the two kissing through their helmets is probably the most romantic (non-wedding photo) the two have taken as [...]

A K’Nex Skeeball Machine

Having a skeeball in your house is equal parts geeky and awesome, but when you make your own skeeball machine out of K’Nex, you’ve just doubled both your coolness and awesomeness. Link Via Geekosystem

Why Not Zoidberg in Stained Glass?

Judith Mascolo’s geeky side comes out when she starts cutting stained glass. She’s made figures from Doctor Who, Super Mario Bros., My Neighbor Totoro, Dungeons & Dragons and more. Link -via Comics Alliance

The Sew Nerdy Art Show Lives Up to Its Name

If you love geeky crafts, then you’ll enjoy the Sew Nerdy Geek Craft Extravaganza in Florida that starts today and ends on August 11.So far, this is the only artwork I’ve seen from the collection, but the event is scheduled to feature crafts inspired by Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other geek favorites. Link [...]

PHP Tattoo

Mike M sent photos of his new tat to Geeky Tattoos. They say in PHP programming language “Nothing risked, nothing gained, nothing lost, nothing learned.” Link | Tattoo Artist: Tyson Pederson