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How to Catch a Kangaroo

(YouTube link) Not quite as difficult as I had imagined. -via Geekosystem

Finally, An Honest Politician!

via Buzzfeed and Geekosystem

Mathematical Dance Moves

This is good, but the moves get really explicit once you start into calculus. If you know who’s responsible for this great cartoon, let us know in the comments. via Geekosystem | Previously: Math Dances and Other College Application Videos

Alien and Other Odd Chess Sets

Max Eddy of Geekosystem rounded up pictures and information about unusual and macabre chess sets, such as the above set inspired by the Alien movie franchise. Facehuggers make appropriate pawns. You know what would be good to see? A chess set inspired by the chess episode of Lexx. Link | Photo: Contaminated

Happy First Blogiversary to Geekosystem!

Today, our friends at Geekosystem are celebrating a full year in business. To Robert, Susana, and the other contributors there — happy blogiversary! Link | Photo by Flickr user Betsssssy used under Creative Commons license

Pizza Lollipops

Megan Mountford made lollipop-sized pizzas. Each one is about three inches across. At the link, you can find detailed instructions about how to make your own, as well as how to make calzone lollipops. Link via Geekosystem

Robot Learns Archery

Obviously, the robotics team led by Petar Kormushev at the Italian Institute of Technology have never watched Terminator. Otherwise, why would they try to teach the (deceptively innocent-looking) iCut robot how to shoot arrows? Here at Geekosystem, we like to follow the things leading up to Judgment Day, just so we can say “Told you so!” [...]

10 Archetypes of Movie Swords

Geekosystem categorized types of swords seen in Hollywood movies into 10 archetypes. Starting the list is the Ancestral Sword: The ancestral sword is usually a gift (or yours by birthright), something that you take because, well, it’s dangerous to go alone. Maybe it’s been in your family for generations. Maybe you pried it from the cold, [...]