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A Homemade ED-E Replica

Geekologie reader Will Brown made this incredible replica of ED-E from Fallout: New Vegas. He photographed the steps so crafters might even be able to make their own at home. Link

HBO Selling $30,000 Office Chair

The Iron Throne from Game of Thrones is not designed in accordance with modern ergonomics. People have even been known to cut themselves on the thousand swords that were used to make it. Still, everyone seems to want it and is willing to pay enormous costs to get it. Specifically, that’s $30,000 plus shipping. Link -via [...]

The Best Tattoo Cover Up Ever

A reader of Geekologie sent in this great story of how a terrible Edward tattoo obtained during a bet eventually became an awesome Rufio tattoo in what is arguably the greatest tattoo portrait cover up ever. “OK, so this guy I used to know recently made a deal with his friend that they would choose each [...]

Venom Symbiote Caterpillar

I haven’t done any actual research, but I think that we should jump to the conclusion that these Brahmaea certhia caterpillars are four feet long and, once having tasted human flesh, become insatiably ravenous for it. Why? Because it’s the decent and honorable thing to do. Artist’s deviantART Page -via Geekologie | Photo: Igor Siwanowicz

Spider-Man Themed Bathroom

We’ve all been in a situation when a bathroom experience would only be enhanced if there were realistic presentations of supervillains trying to break through the wall and kill us. Probably daily. So rileyreplicas, a forum user at The PF, made one for a friend’s husband. The site is currently down, so I can make [...]

Little Drummer Boy Performed By HP Scanner And Robotic Drummer

(YouTube Link) Hear the future of synth music now, from this emerging powerhouse duo Robotic Drummer and HP Scanner! Little Drummer Boy comes alive with the office friendly sounds of Christmas, and makes you wonder “what are these two going to play next?” I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what other tunes they’ll be [...]

Escalator Imitates Star Wars Text Crawl

An escalator in Tel Aviv bears the opening text crawl of Episode IV of Star Wars. Many people are wondering why, but I regard it as self-evidently good. Watch a video of it in motion at Geekologie. Link -via Geekologie | Previously: Text Crawl Dress

The Matrix with A Cappella Sound Effects

(Video Link) Matt Mulholland, a vocal artist, recreated the soundtrack and sound effects from the lobby shootout scene in The Matrix. The only instrument that he used was his own mouth. Pew pew! Artist’s Website -via Geekologie


The blogger at Doorman Ideas thought of this clever bed design, inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh, and that’s Mike, not Joel. Details like that are important. Link -via Geekologie Previously on Neatorama: MST3K Tattoo Russian Ripoff of Mystery Science Theater 3000

8-Bit Version of Rebecca Black’s "Friday"

(Video Link) Adam Atomic and Danny Baranowsky present Rebecca Black’s “Friday” as a classic 8-bit video game with chiptune music. It’s not yet interactive, which is a pity, because the lyrics provide a conceivable plot for an adventure game. via Geekologie | Adam Atomic | Danny Baranowsky Previously on Neatorama: Rebecca Black’s “Friday” as Radical Text Star Wars Parody of [...]