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The 15 Cutest Geeky Baby Costumes

On Halloween, we get the chance to involve our sweet little children in our geekiest cosplay fantasies. Or we can just enjoy other people’s children, dressed in the geekiest trick-or-treat costumes ever! See dozens of the most adorable geek baby Halloween costumes at NeatoBambino. This child may not have even been born when the movie [...]

TARDIC: Time And Relative Dimension In Cats

This is not only an awesome TARDIS replica, it’s also one of the geekiest kitty playhouses you’ll ever see. And I’m sure that as far as kittens are concerned, it’s far bigger on the inside than on the outside. Link

Angry Birds Bra Not Sexy, But Awesomely Geeky

It might not be the sexiest lingerie around, but it just might be the geekiest. Of course, this might just be dangerous for the ladies out there, as one of your breasts are likely to start attacking the other at any given time. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy