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The Updated Geek Signs Of The Zodiac

If you’ve always felt like there was an Undead Slayer, Pirate, or Spy lurking inside you, it’s probably because of your Geek Zodiac sign. In this annual zodiac the animals are replaced by beloved icons of geekdom, with the years under each sign determined by the year when the first example of the icon (approximately) appeared in [...]

Comedy Video – Hughes The Force

(YouTube Link) Hughes The Force is a geeky fanmade video with lots of heart. It’s a loving tribute to Star Wars, geekdom and the films of John Hughes (mostly Weird Science). It comes to you courtesy of Kevin Smith’s YouTube channel, and it’s hosted by Kevin’s pal Jason Mewes, but it seems rather tame by their standards. [...]

Bio Computer

Mike Schropp at Total Geekdom took donated computer parts and built a garden! It’s actually a working computer with a casemod that grows wheatgrass. The heat from the computer warms the soil and aids germination. The growing grass brings a bit of nature into a sterile, artificial workplace, and wheatgrass is edible. Shropp plans on [...]

Take A Tour Of The Minecraft Version Of Westeros

(YouTube Link) With the second season of A Game Of Thrones finally on the air, it’s time for the indomitable empire known as Geekdom to celebrate, and what better way to show our love for GOT than by making a Minecraft version of Westeros! Enjoy your tour of this square and rather flat textured fantasy kingdom, but [...]

Adorable Yoda Hats For Babies

It’s never to early to start training your kids in geekdom. That’s why I highly endorse these adorably geeky baby beanies made by Etsy seller Fancy Purls. Link via Laughing Squid

Crochet Zoidberg

Another example of the winning combo of sci-fi geekdom and crochet in action! Behold the amigurumi Zoidberg(s) – the regular (red) one, and the Zoidberg from the parallel universe. Ohmigosh, they’re even holding the box. New Craftster user Loefferst (I love finding new users!) came up with this design herself for an amigurumi Zoidberg from Futurama. She was [...]