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How to Make a Shifting Rorschach Mask

(Video Link) YouTube user guinness0507 created a mask that displays shifting black and white shapes, like the one that superhero Rorschach from Watchmen wears. Thermochromatic paint applied to a t-shirt changes from black to white as the user’s breath heats it above 86º F. via GearFuse Previously: How Rorschach Stole Christmas

Ice Ball Molds

The Ice Ball Mold makes perfect spheres of ice in several sizes, ranging from 30 mm to 80 mm. It’s intended for use by bartenders. You can watch a video of the gadget in action at the link. Link via GearFuse | Photo: Japan Trend Shop

Get Yourself Frozen in Carbonite

Three years ago, Alex mentioned that an artist created a replica of himself frozen in carbonite, like Han Solo was in The Empire Strikes Back. If you looked upon that image with envy, you can now get a similar sculpture featuring your own face and body shape. It’s not a full-size replica, but one that [...]

Surprised Vader

(Video Link) Remember the “surprised kitty” video (below) that made it around the Internet a few months ago? It shows a kitten playing with a human in fairly superior kitten cuteness. YouTube user CapnPeteStraw offers this parody, featuring an adorable baby Darth Vader. (via GearFuse)

Tetris Chair

Image: Gabriel Cañas Mexican industrial designer Gabriel Cañas created this fiberglass Tetris-inspired chair. So far, it’s one-of-a-kind, so it’s not yet available for retail. Follow the link to Cañas’ portfolio for more odd furniture. Link via GearFuse | Previously on Neatorama: Tetris Furniture

Donald Duck Transformer

Andrew Dobrow of GearFuse worries that we could see more monstrosities like this if Disney buys Hasbro as well as Marvel Comics. The “Donald Duck Holiday Vehicle” is on sale (but backordered) from the Japanese company Takara Tomy for about $40. Most worrisome of all — it bears neither the Autobot nor Decepticon icon. Link via [...]

Rube Goldberg Breakfast Machine

Photo: Design Boom The Breakfast Machine is an art installation by Yuri Suzuki and Masa Kimura that makes a full breakfast for users through an elaborate series of Rube Goldberg-like devices. Pictured above is the section that prepares orange juice from scratch. It was featured at the Dutch Design Double design fair in Amsterdam. Video (in [...]