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The Metal Gear Bento Box

In honor of the release of the Play Station 3 bento box, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima put together this amazing Metal Gear lunch to celbrate the 25th anniversary of the game. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

A Photography Studio in a Backpack

Photographer Ian Spanier sometimes needs to do mobile work without an assistant. So he built a backpack that will carry all of his gear as well as hold a flash on an adjustable boom. His base is a pack used by birdwatchers for transport spotting scopes and tripods. All of Spanier’s gear fits neatly inside. [...]

Invasion of the Nintendoids

Totally rad! You can be a Nintendoid, too, with all this cool gear from Homer’s of Omaha! That is, if you were a young gamer in the early ’90s who bugged his parents until they bought such stuff. Clothing available in men’s and children’s sizes. Link

Survival Belt Made from 80 Feet of Paracord

There’s only so much survival gear that you can easily carry. That’s what makes Doug and Chelsey Luehr’s invention so awesome. The whole thing unravels into 80 feet of 550 strength paracord that you can use to MacGyver your way out of whatever mess you’ve gotten yourself into. Link -via Boing Boing

Where Do Historical Reenactors Get Their Gear?

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War. With all eyes on America’s historic battlegrounds, it’s going to be a big year for sutlers, too. Sutlers, historically, were civilian merchants who sold supplies to armies in the field and in their camps. They often followed marching soldiers across long distances, selling [...]

Gear Ring

This. Is. Awesome! Behold, the Gear Ring by Glen Liberman of Kinekt Design. It’s available in a few standard ring sizes and in limited quantities: The Gear Ring is made from high quality matte stainless steel. It features six micro-precision gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun (as can be seen in [...]

Why Does The Snooze Button Give You Only 9 More Minutes of Sleep?

Editor’s Note: A reader recently wrote to ask why snooze buttons on alarm clocks only give you nine more minutes of sleep. Our own Sandy Wood has tackled that topic, so I’m re-posting his explanation today. By the time the snooze feature was added in the 1950s, the innards of alarm clocks had long been standardized. [...]