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Pistol Gate Latch

This is an old M1911 handgun turned into a gate latch! Richard Mann spotted it at Gunsite, a private marksmanship school in Arizona. Link via Everyday, No Days Off

4 Eco-Fabulous Places to Live in 2020

Across the world, architects and environmental engineers are building cities inspired by Mother Nature. Here are four communities leading the way to a greener, cleaner world. 1. Masdar City, United Arab Emirates The Greenest Town in the Middle East The United Arab Emirates isn’t exactly known for its environmental consciousness. Many of its citizens live in large, [...]

Pet Cemetery Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Photo: Telstar Logistics Here’s something I didn’t know about San Francisco: underneath the Doyle Street ramp to the Golden Gate bridge is a pet cemetery from the former Presidio Army Base: Built in the 1930s, at the same time as the Golden Gate Bridge, Doyle Drive is now a seismic hazard, so it is being completely rebuilt. [...]

Scariest Haunted Houses in the USA

Wanna go to a haunted house this Halloween? Wild Ammo has a list of 13 scariest haunted houses in the United States – this one above is from the 13th Gate in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana: The 13th Gate has consistently been recognized as one of the top haunted attractions in the country, rated best by [...]

The Real Rules for Time Travelers

This article at Discover Magazine has nothing to do with the science fiction stories we are so familiar with. Author Sean Carroll looks at time travel as a physicist. He says if time travel were possible (and it might be), there would be no paradox, because we cannot change what has already happened. Ever. Then [...]

You Must Drive to the Recycling Center

David and Katie France of Dorset County, England thought they were being eco-friendly when they walked to dump to dispose of their recyclables. But they were met at the gate by an employee who told them they would have to bring their bags in by car! He cited safety concerns and warned the couple they [...]