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Tobacco-Firing Pistol

This is the Scheintod gas pistol. It was manufactured in Germany after the First World War. According to some of my sources, this odd derringer fired 12 mm cartridges which contained powdered tobacco–that is, snuff. This would hopefully send the target into a sneezing fit. Link

Urine-Powered Generator

At the Maker Faire Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, four teenage girls came up with a rather remarkable invention: urine-powered generator (well, supposedly – but don’t let skept-pee-cism* ruin our fun here). Possibly one of the more unexpected products at Maker Faire Africa [...]

11 TV and Movie Clichés You Never See in Real Life

How many movies or TV shows have you seen where a young sylph in a filmy nightgown runs through a forest in high heels to escape a bad guy? She always trips and falls down. If this makes you groan and mutter “only in the movies…”, then we think you’ll enjoy this scientific-type debunking of [...]

Discovering Oxygen: A Brief History

Because there are three different dead guys who regularly vie for credit for discovering oxygen, we’ve staged a little friendly competition to establish which of these great men deserves the title of the O-master. In evaluating the contenders, we’ll look at when they isolated oxygen and how their experiments furthered our understanding of the [...]

Elemental Skirts

Some ladies look best in a metalloid. Others prefer a more sedate noble gas. Only the most daring go transuranic. Whatever element works best for you, Etsy seller Ashley Mertz can provide an appropriate skirt. Link -via Fashionably Geek

Stealing Gas from a Police Car

Bad: Stealing gas Worse: Stealing gas from a police car Neatorama-worthy: Stealing gas from a police car, and posting a photo of the crime in progress on [...]

What Would Happen If You Drive Off With the Gas Pump Nozzle?

Relax, said Matt Soniak of mental_floss, the engineers have actually thought of this possibility and designed the gas pump accordingly: Rest assured that you won’t be causing any fireballs or explosions. [...]

Glowing Life-Size Glass Skeleton Sculpture

This glass skeleton is not only a visual treat, thanks to the glowing Krypton gas flowing through the “bones”, it’s also a feat of sculptural engineering, since it was made in ten different sections that had to be interconnected in what must have been a rather tedious process. Created by sculptor Eric Franklin, Embodiment is [...]

Chinese Villagers Bring Home Natural Gas in Giant Plastic Bags

Too poor to afford heating oil, villagers in Shandong, China, go to nearby oil extraction facility and bring home some natural gas inside a giant balloon: On the morning of the 20th, when reporters first arrived, the oil [...]

Bootleg iPhones Seized in China Show Revolutionary Redesign

Allegedl, police in Wuhan, China seized 681 gas stoves that were defective. Many of them were branded as iPhone products. It’s possible that these were not authentic Apple accessories. Link -via DVICE | Photo: News 163