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Auroras Seen on Uranus

Yes, really. The Hubble telescope captured the images last November, but as with all things astronomical, the data had to be properly crunched and an analysis made before the news is released to the public. The two aurorae observed were as large as the Earth, although they look small against the gas giant Uranus. Read [...]

NASA probe to peer through Jupiter’s clouds

NASA’s new Juno spacecraft is set to begin a five year voyage to Jupiter later this week. Juno will study the gas giant in detail and will peer throug…

Lifetime Achievement Award: Neptune, the Most Persistent Planet

This article originally appeared in our Jan-Feb 2011 issue, “The 2011 Golden Lobe Awards.” Congratulations, Neptune! Astronomers first spotted the outermost planet in 1846, and since then, they’ve been waiting patiently for Neptune to complete its first recorded orbit around the Sun. According to NASA, on July 12, 2011, that wait will be over. After nearly [...]