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The Shy Busker

(YouTube link) Charlie Cavey, the Bin Man, plays “The Bare Necessities” from the safety of a garbage can in Cambridge, England. I would venture to guess that the garbage bin is more for the novelty effect than because of shyness. It’s worked for Cavey, who is quite well known. -via The Daily of the Day

Garbage Disposal in a Volcano

(Live Leak link) Campers in Ethopia threw a bag of garbage into a volcanic crater to see what would happen. The bag broke through the thin crust covering a pool of magma and allowed the lava to spew out. And, of course, the garbage was incinerated. No word on whether they were fined for littering. -via [...]

Star Wars Climbing Wall Holds

If you want to climb out of that garbage compactor, you’ll need some sturdy handholds. Hang Fast volumes makes several appropriate ones, including volumes that are shaped like the Death Star, R2-D2′s head, and the Millennium Falcon. Link -via Technabob

28 Garbage Cans That Belong In A Gallery

You don’t often think of a garbage can as an art medium, but some artists do. And how nice is it to disguise an ugly-but-necessary object as something delightful? My favorite of the collection at WebUrbanist is this graffiti-embellish can by Job Willemsen and Tom v.d. Hurk in the Netherlands. Link (Image source: Wooster Collective)

Taiwan’s Musical Garbage Trucks

(Video Link) Oddity Central reports that Taiwan’s garbage trucks commonly play music in order to alert people of their arrival in a neighborhood. Among the more popular tunes is Beethoven’s “Für Elise.” They often switch to thematic songs during Christmas and the Chinese New Year. Which songs do you think would be ideal for garbage trucks? Link

R2D2 Garbage Can Mod

Oh! The garbage chute was a really wonderful idea. What an incredible smell you’ve discovered! Let’s get out of here! via Walyou | Photo: Unknown

Berlin suffers wild boar invasion

Berlin is being plagued by large numbers of wild boar roaming the streets and causing chaos. Wandering around on the roads, rummaging through garbage …

Hotel made of rubbish opens in Madrid

The Beach Garbage Hotel has opened in Madrid and is made entirely from rubbish. Built by German artist Ha Schult the five bedroom hotel was created as…

Incredible Junk Art by Tom Deininger

Marilyn – image: Tom Deininger There are quite a long list of artists who turn junk into art, but only a few do so well. Tom Deininger belongs in the short list of artists who can truly turn garbage into amazing works of art. Take a peek at some of his best creations over at Environmental Graffiti: [...]

Garbage Collector in Jakarta, Indonesia

Refuse collector, Kota, Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia. in Indonesia Martin Broomfield of 360 Cities took this panorama of a garbage collector/recycler in Jakarta, Indonesia, sitting down surveying his kingdom of recyclables. It was typical to see garbage men pushing carts (like one behind the guy) filled with mounds of bags of aluminum cans and recyclable plastics when was [...]