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Atari 2600 Cake

Ah, Atari. You were my first gaming platform. How many hours did I waste playing Combat on you? Not enough, probably. The Pink Cake Box made this Atari 2600 cake for one man’s fortieth birthday party.  Link -via Between the Pages

Awesome Gaming Room Looks Like a Medieval Tavern

Axes on the wall, wrought iron vents, candles, tankards–this gaming room built by Monk Player is the ulimate dream of every Dungeons & Dragons player. Best of all: the table has hidden levels that contain miniature gaming supplies. Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: Jef Bond Photography

Disguise Your Games to Look More Intellectual

Love video games but hate their salacious covers? Then make your gaming collection look a little smarter with these awesome covers by artist James Bit that make them look like vintage Penguin books. Link Via Laughing Squid

You Too Can Finally Game With Yanni

Admit it, while you really like gaming, your real passion is new age music. While you might never get to actually play video games with Yanni himself, this great controller will at least bring you one step closer to living the dream. Link Via Kotaku

SNK Reveals Portable Neo Geo System

With the wave of portable gaming consoles coming out, it’s not surprising that SNK has jumped on board and revealed their Neo-Geo Portable Device (hopefully tentative title), which will come pre-loaded with 20 classic titles like Metal Slug, King Of Monsters and Fatal Fury, has 2gb internal memory and an SD card slot for loading [...]

Digital Tabletop Takes Board Games To A Whole New Level

(YouTube Link) This impressive tablet-style unit is called the ePawn Arena, a digital tabletop gaming unit which debuted at CES 2012. It’s billed as “the next level of Dungeons and Dragons style gaming”, but I think they’re missing the obvious potential as a never ending variety of board games ready to be loaded up and played, [...]

Razer Unleashes A Tablet Hybrid Gaming PC

The future of portable gaming looks pretty sweet, thanks to Razer’s newest innovation Project Fiona, which looks like a tablet but has a gaming PC worth of power under the hood. With Intel’s Core i7 processors, both game controllers and a touch screen, and no issues with compatibility when running PC games (it will come with [...]

Snap Into A Macho Man Skyrim Mod

(YouTube Link) When hacks and mods are created for video games, they are typically created to enhance the gaming experience, and nothing says “experience enhanced” like giant pink dragons wearing Macho Man style gear and facial hair. This wacky mod by FancyPantz brings the pain to the fantasy world of the video game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, [...]

Grand Theft Auto IV Burger in Real Life

Rampaging around Liberty City builds up an appetite, so it’s a good idea to stop at Cluckin’ Bell for a burger. The folks at Gourmet Gaming decided to make that gaming experience real by making their own. You can find their recipe at the link. Link -via Kotaku

Play Your Old NES Games On The Go

Man, if this amazing little gaming device had been invented when I was a kid, I probably would have gone outside to play more often, although it would have surely been with this portable gaming console in hand. Called the HandyNES, it plays all the old Nintendo Entertainment System cartridges, and you can even use [...]