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Devilishly Cool Diablo III Animated Short

(YouTube Link) This here’s a brand spanking new animated short based on Blizzard’s upcoming video game Diablo III, and it’s directed by Peter Chung (of Aeon Flux fame) and animated by Titmouse (of Metalocalypse and Venture Bros. fame)!! It’s a bloody, action packed short that left me longing to watch a Diablo animated series. Oh well, I [...]

7 Ways the Internet Has Been Used for Good

It seems like every day you hear a new story about cyber-bullying, phishing or a new computer virus. But when good people get together on the web, it’s amazing what they can achieve. 1. Preventing Suicides While you probably have heard stories about cyber-bullies pushing someone to commit suicide, there are also tons of stories about depressed [...]