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The Late Movies: You Bet Your Life Outtakes

You Bet Your Life was a radio game show at first, then moved to TV. Groucho Marx wasn’t the first host, but he was the most successful. They eventually changed the name of the show to The Groucho Show. Nobody ever really cared who won or lost the game: just listening to Groucho Marx ad [...]

A Classic Tale of Pre-Teen Embarrassment and Geography

The pre-teen years are typically pretty awkward. Luckily, most of us enjoyed the benefit of not having those moments broadcast to the TV masses. Gregg Gethard wasn’t quite so fortunate. The Philadelphia comedian recently shared with Comic vs. Audience the hilarious tale of his appearance on early 90s game show Where In The World [...]

Halloween or Williamsburg?

If our grand plan for a Split Decision game show ever comes together, I’m ready to give the people behind Tumblr blog “Halloween or Williamsburg?” their own segment.

Flo and Kay: the World’s Only Female Autistic Identical Twin Savants

I’ve been doing a bit of research on autism lately, and yesterday I ran across an episode of a show called Extraordinary People that profiles an amazing pair of identical twin sisters. They’re autistic savants who can perform incredible feats of memory, and they are completely — completely — obsessed with Dick Clark and the [...]

You Can’t Hurry Love

(YouTube link) The BBC has a TV program called Fast and Loose. It’s a game show with a segment called Interpretive Dance, featuring David Armand, whom you might remember as the guy behind the hilarious interpretation of “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. Now he has a regular job doing what he does so well. -via Arbroath