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Final Fantasy With Singing Puppets

(YouTube Link) Comedian Brent Black, aka Brentalfloss, created this puppet video tribute to the Final Fantasy video game franchise, and once you watch it you’ll never be able to get the downright catchy tune out of your head! Singing puppets don’t exactly enhance the Final Fantasy gaming experience, but they do make for a good distraction when [...]

Epic Scale Samus Aran Papercraft Sculpture

Now this is an epic example of artistic nerdery! At almost seven feet tall, this papercraft statue of Samus Aran from the video game franchise Metroid makes all other sculptures of Samus look like space junk, if only because this statue is made of nothing but paper, glue and lots of elbow grease. It’s based on Samus [...]

Surreal Figural Paper Sculptures By Vally Nomidou

These strange sculptures by Vally Nomidou would make great props for the Silent Hill video game franchise, or as freaky figural works made by a deranged serial killer in a horror flick. Or maybe they look ethereal and absolutely gorgeous, so delicate that the people setting them up for display hold their breath out of fear [...]

Steampunk Portal Gun Is Brasstastic

A while back I posted about the Portal Gun replica being released by NECA, and it was glorious (the gun, not the article). Well, this bad mofo, built by crafty individual Batman-N-Bananas, puts that pretty little number to shame. It’s a Steampunk styled Portal Gun, like the one carried by Chell in the Portal video game [...]

Paperboy Vs. Contra, or A Bad Day On Easy Street

(YouTube Link) When the grizzled war veterans from the video game franchise Contra take over fellow video game star Paperboy‘s route, due to an unforeseen decapitation, there’s going to be a lot more than broken windows and ruined birdbaths on Easy Street. This time around the guys from Contra don’t even need an unlimited lives cheat code [...]

Custom Made Portal Heel Springs

These custom made heel springs, like the ones worn by the protagonist Chell in the Portal video game franchise, don’t seem like a very useful creation in real life, but who needs function when the form is so cool, and they’re an integral part of a wicked Chell costume? Scifi femme fatale prisoner cosplay FTW! If [...]

Itsa Super Mario Bros. Opera

(YouTube Link) Fans of the Mario Bros. video game franchise draw inspiration from the moustachioed plumbers in so many creative ways, but i’m generally most impressed by the musical tributes. This operatic styled song released on YouTube by legolambs has hilarious lyrics that go along with the gameplay so well that you’ll be entertained even though [...]

Strange Movie Trailers From GhallyWood

(YouTube Link) This trailer from GhallyWood, or Ghana, Africa is off the hook crazy. The first feature, called Devil May Cry 1&2, was taken to be a film adaptation of the video game franchise, but seems more like an urban horror tale featuring a devil and some sweet sword fighting. The second feature, called the Killer 1&2, [...]

Epic Scale HALO Alien Costume

What would you think if you saw this thing walking down the street, eight feet tall and full of sinister snarl? Personally, i’d steer clear unless I had a HALO unit on hand, you know, like the one from the HALO video game franchise? Hit the link and see the process from mere mortal to becoming [...]

Portal Custom Pistol Grips

Calguns forum user mossy loves the Portal video game franchise, so he had these custom grips made for his 1911 handguns. They’re made of walnut wood, mother of pearl, brass, and silver. The text reads “The cake is a lie.” If the reference is unfamiliar, the always handy Know Your Meme will bring you up [...]