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But They Can’t Actually Line Up Together

Yes these Tetris nails look awesome and are a great fashion statement for gamer gals, but these are destined to drive dedicated Tetris fans, like myself, crazy because you can’t actually make a Tetris! Link Via The Daily What

Neat Halloween Horror Art By Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon shares his love of Halloween with the world through his fantastic illustrations, which feature ghoulish gals and frighteningly freaky monsters. They’re colorful, sometimes a bit racy but never NSFW, and each incredibly detailed piece pops on the page, it’s art that’s actually fun to look at! Link  –via Geek Tyrant

Even More Amazing Star Wars Pumps

I know I posted some great Star Wars heels last week, but GailPink posted a link to these in the comments and they were so great that I couldn’t resist sharing them as well. Unfortunately, I can’t find out the original source for these shoes, so if you know where us geek gals can grab [...]

One Nail Set To Rule Them All

If you put all ten together they spill out the entire inscription put on the inside of the classic One Ring. I don’t know about you other geek gals, but I’d love to wear these to a fancy dress occasion…they’re practically jewelry after all. Link Via io9

Another Great Geek Girl Bra

Back in August, I showed you guys the Angry Birds bra, but for those gals who prefer old school games to those available through smart phones, you might prefer this fun Pac Man bra instead. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Some Of The Sketchiest Lawyer Billboards I’ve Ever Seen

As an attorney trying to use a billboard to attract new clients, it’s probably best to show the client why they should hire you, not how incompetent, insane or downright creepy you are. These guys and gals aim to show the entire city why their services should be avoided at all cost. Link